EMTN program

Characteristics of issues

All issues are obligations foncières and other debts which benefit from the legal privilege according to the legislation (article L.513-11), rated.

  • Aaa by Moody’s,
  • AA+ by S&P,
  • AAA by DBRS.

The ratings are confirmed before the beginning of the issues.

Issues are public or private.

Obligations foncières authorize:

  • any amount,
  • all currencies : EUR, USD, JPY, CHF, GBP, etc…
  • all structures: fixed rate, variable rate, zero coupon, dual currency, index-linked, step up, etc…

Some issues in euro are eligible to the European Central Bank (ECB).

The list of these issues is available online on the website of the ECB.

Covered bonds can be issued in the following forms:

  • EMTN program,
  • Stand alone,
  • Australian domestic program,
  • Registered covered bonds.

New issues of Caisse Française de Financement Local are directly fungible with existing tranches.

EMTN program

The EMTN programme, which has a maximum ceiling of EUR 75 billion:

  • is governed by French law,
  • authorizes:
    • lightly structured products,
    • issuing in currencies.