2166R.513-16 CMF

R.513-16 CMF

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    I. – The functions of the specific controllers, statutory and alternate, expire after they have submitted the report and certified the financial statements at the end of the fourth fiscal year following their designation. Their mandate can be renewed. When they wish to renew the mandate of the incumbent controllers, the officers of the société de crédit foncier submit their proposal to the Autorité de contrôle prudential et de résolution at least three months before the end of the fourth fiscal year following the designation of these controllers.

    II. – A specific controller designated to replace another controller whose functions expired before the end of the normal term completes the term of the person replaced.

    III. – The provisions of article 188 of the decree of March 23, 1967, on commercial companies, apply to the controller. Request for the dismissal of the specific controller is notified by registered letter with confirmation of receipt when it comes from the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel.

    IV – The specific controller confirms compliance with the rule provided for in article L.513-12 on the basis of a quarterly program to issue sources of funds that benefit from the privilege referred to in article L.151-19. He confirms compliance with this rule for every issue of sources of funds that benefit from the privilege, of which the unit value is greater than or equal to EUR 500 million, or the equivalent in the currency in which the issue is denominated.


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