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R.515-11 CMF

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The receipt by which, in application of article L.513-13, the loans mentioned in article L.513-2 are transferred to a société de credit foncier must include the following information:
1° the designation as an act of transfer of receivables;
2° the mention that the act is subject to the provisions of articles L.513-2 to L.513-27;
3° the name or the corporate name of the beneficiary bank;
4° The designation or individualization of the receivables transferred or of items able to effect such designation or individualization, in particular by indicating the debtor, the place of payment, the amount of the receivables or their evaluation, and if appropriate, their maturity.
Nevertheless, when the receivables transferred are transmitted electronically and can thus be identified, the receipt may solely indicate, in addition to the items 1°, 2° and 3° mentioned above, the means by which they are transmitted, their number and the total amount.